Take Care of Your Livestock with The Feed Store / Pet Junction

Unique to our pet store is our specialty items for livestock. We have fencing materials, hay and straw, and feed for a wide variety of livestock animals from horses to cows. Running a farm takes a lot of hard work, and you rely on only the best products for your farm’s operations to run smoothly. You can trust that The Feed Store / Pet Junction has exactly what you need to get the job done.

We carry a wide variety of livestock supplies, including the following:

  • Rubbermaid® water troughs (50 gal to 300 gal)
  • Stock tank de-icers
  • T-posts (6 ft to 8 ft)
  • Straw bales
  • Timothy Brome hay bales
  • Farrier tools

Electric Fencing Supplies

  • Patriot™ chargers (AC, DC, 3-mile solar, and 10-mile solar)
  • Insulators and ground rods
  • High tensile wire and barbed wire
  • Utility fencing (4 ft x 50 ft, 4 ft x 100 ft, 5 ft x 50 ft, 6 ft x 50 ft)
  • Fencing pliers, hammers, splices, gripples, and tensioners
  • Farm or game fencing (4 ft x 50 ft, 4 ft x 100 ft, 5 ft x 50 ft, 6 ft x 50 ft)
  • Poultry wire (25 ft and 50 ft rolls)

Poultry Supplies

  • Waterers and feeders
  • Heat lamps and bulbs
  • Books on raising poultry
  • Grit and oyster shell
  • Water soluble antibiotics and electrolytes
  • Every spring we bring chicks from Miller Hatcheries


The Feed Store / Pet Junction is your Whitehorse source for Hi-Pro Feeds. This Alberta-based company has feed that is free of by-products and chemical preservatives.

The products we stock include:

  • Unmedicated poultry starter
  • Unmedicated poultry grower and finisher
  • Turkey starter (medicated)
  • Turkey grower (unmedicated)
  • Hog starter
  • Hog grower
  • 17% layer
  • Whole and cracked scratch
  • Whole barley
  • Whole wheat
  • Cracked corn
  • ProForm equine sweet feed
  • ProForm equine complete feed

From Masterfeeds, we carry:

  • Dairy Ration
  • Golden Years™ equine feed

Other feeds we have available:

  • Certified organic layer

ProForm Step Right Premium Equine Feed

Step 1: Start Right

Step 2: Peak Sweet

Step 2: Peak Extruded

Step 3: Classic Sweet

Step 4: Complete Pellet

Step 4: Complete Rocky Mountain Crunch

Step 5: Maintenance

Step 6: Senior

Step 7: Equine Supplement

Step 8: Hi-Fat Horse Feed

CR ProFibre Crunch

Available upon request!

livestock gate

Miller Hatchery

Every spring our store supplies a variety of poultry product from Miller Hatchery. You can find various egg breeds and meat breeds of poultry. Miller Hatchery also offers beak trimming and vaccinations.

For more information on the products we supply from Miller Hatchery, please contact us.

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