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Every spring our store supplies a variety of poultry products to Whitehorse from Miller Hatcheries. We have been proud to serve as Miller Hatcheries agents for quite some time. At this time, you can find various egg breeds and meat breeds of poultry in Whitehorse at The Feed Store/Pet Junction. Miller Hatcheries also offers beak trimming and vaccinations for chickens.

Miller Hateries

If you already know what you need to order, please use the Miller Hatcheries form to put in your order. Once filled out, please send it by email or by Facebook message. Please Keep in mind that our chicken season goes until the end of June and order are due in April NO EXCEPTIONS.

At Miller Hatcheries, they hatch their chickens only from tested strains of commercial poultry to ensure that you receive the best quality poultry available. For more information on the products we supply from Miller Hatcheries, please contact us.

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